Regional Facility Manager

CloudFactory’s mission is to help visionary companies power disruptive technology while connecting 1 million people in the developing world to meaningful work. We are looking for ambitious people who seek greater meaning in their work and want to use their talents to make the world a better place.

For companies from startup to enterprise, CloudFactory provides a tech-forward, professionally managed workforce solution for routine data work. Our teams are agile, scale fast, and help innovators get their technology to market fast. Trusted by 100+ companies, CloudFactory processes millions of tasks every week for companies including Microsoft,, Expensify, Ibotta, and GM-Cruise Automation.

At CloudFactory, we believe that talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not. Founded in Nepal in 2008, we connect people to digital work and give them the skills to be leaders in their own communities. We’re on a mission to create economic and leadership opportunities for talented people in developing nations. As an impact sourcing service provider (ISSP) and recipient of a program related investment from The Rockefeller Foundation, we are a global leader in the impact sourcing movement.

With $13 million in venture capital raised and 100%+ growth year over year, we are expanding our business quickly and sustainably. Our headquarters is in Reading, U.K., and we have offices in Kathmandu, Nepal; Nairobi, Kenya; and Durham, N.C.

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The Job:
CloudFactory has many different size and purposed facilities throughout Kathmandu and Nepal. This role is responsible for managing budgeting, spending, and operations of these facilities. Typically these facilities have over 400 people working on computers in shifts, and the facility needs to support their ability to do their work well.

This includes maintenance and operations of the building, creating spaces that are welcoming, fun places to work. Planning events, listening to worker feedback to constantly improve facilities. We want CloudFactory office to be the best place to work in Nepal and for our employees to want to work and hang out in our facilities.

Additionally, we need to be wise with our resources, so this role will help set priorities for spending, develop budgets, and manage service vendors.

This role with be responsible for developing and leading vender performance reviews and driving value from our vendors.

Applicants for the position should have a background within running a large scale facility, a hotel or ideally multiple facilities. Applicants should have demonstrated experience executing new facilities programs, both building projects and events. Applicants should be able to grow and develop their facility managers and their facility assistant to ensure they grow professionally.

Directly stated, this role will own the budget, experience, maintenance, procedures … everything that it takes to create a great work place.

Regional Facilities Manager Tasks

  • Hire, train, and supervise property managers and maintenance staff.
  • Manage the operation of a company's properties and facilities in a geographic region.
  • Develop facility budgets, estimates on costs to run facilities, and plans for making facilities profitable.
  • Make sure property and buildings are properly maintained and meet health and safety codes.

The Fit:
You have experience running diverse operational realities in facilities liaising between stakeholders with competing business interests. You have perhaps worked as a Head of operations, Facility manager at a very large complex site, or Hotel manager at a large hotel. You must have operational humility, which means that you believe Operations exists to serve other parts of the company by setting up them for success. You are systematic, detail oriented, even-tempered under stress, a do-er, and humble but able to lead with decisions. A mentoring personality would be a big plus, as you will have multiple facility managers that you are personally responsible for growing. You embrace executing and delivering P&L results while effectively integrating all the major functions of the organization while never forsaking our people, vision, or principles. You quickly and naturally identify and articulate problems, bottlenecks, disconnects, roadblocks, and barriers.

You love to lead by example and inspiration and not by authority and power. You encourage your team to question your decisions and empower them to push their boundaries while being there to support them when they need you. We’re a very flat organization and want to keep it that way. You are driven by ensuring the organization is aligned with the company’s core principles and values. You thrive on cultural differences and truly seek to understand the variety of cultures and backgrounds in our global company.

Candidates who have experience working with international organizations with high expectations for quality standards, managing secure workspaces, vendor and project management, and experience in negotiating will be at the top of our list!

You will fit in really well at CloudFactory if creating meaningful work for 1 million people in the developing world excites you. You must value building relationships. Can you be described as both humble and courageous in the same sentence? And you are passionate about pooling individual talents to win as one unified team? You have developed your own engine for personal growth, and help others grow by giving both constructive and encouraging feedback. You love to do the crazy hard work upfront to make things simple for others and your approach is often thinking big, starting small and then scaling fast. If any of this resonates, it is likely you will enjoy and thrive at CloudFactory like nowhere else on earth!

The Experience:

  • Decisive - not afraid to make decisions
  • Vendor Management - including negotiating
  • Facility management- practical management of maintaining a building
  • Project Management - large in scale and scope, like setting up a new office
  • Detail-oriented - use of data and spreadsheets
  • Business Acumen - able to explain why money should be spent (ROI)
  • Budget - build budgets and projected spending, work with finance, etc.

To Apply:
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